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KBnow Knowledge Base Software
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KBnow at a glance

  • Easy setup and configuration
  • Runs on Windows and Linux
  • Simple, web-based interface
  • Powerful query interface
  • Integrated external queries
  • Browse articles by date
  • Monitor multiple mailboxes
  • Submit articles via email
  • Submit articles from rss/rdf
  • Submit articles from scripts
  • Submit articles from browser
  • Auto-Filter incoming articles
  • Supports HTML email
  • Supports email attachments
  • Customizable interface
  • Email list capability
  • Web services API
  • Optional user-level security
  • Capture critical knowledge
    Business is all about knowledge and expertise. But too much of that information often remains locked away in the heads of a few key team members. The same questions are asked again and again; simple vacations wreak havoc on your operations. You need a corporate memory – a knowledgebase that everyone can turn to to get the answers they need. You need something that your people will use!

    Tap into existing email discussions
    KBnow taps into the email discussions that happen every day in your organization. Messages are stored and indexed, then immediately made available using a simple, web-based interface. Your knowledgebase builds itself transparently, without forcing people to change they way they get things done.

    Plays well with others
    Email is only the beginning. KBnow understands RSS syndication, so you can easily integrate knowledge from hundreds of internal and external sources. Then integrate KBnow data into your Enterprise Portal or CRM systems using our Web Services API.

    Up and running in fifteen minutes
    Perhaps best of all, KBnow does this and more without taxing your budget or your patience. No consultants, no complicated middleware, no grand schemes. Just a great tool that helps you solve real problems.
    Download and evaluate KBnow for free!

    Read more about leveraging KBnow in your organization,
    or take a look at our online documentation.

    Licensing Options
    Evaluation Free!
    Individual Use $49
    2-20 Users $499
    21-100 Users $1,499
    101-1000 Users $20 per user
    Site License email or call for quote
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