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Webob Server Monitoring Software
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Webob at a glance

  • Easy setup and configuration
  • Runs on Windows and Linux
  • Monitors any web site
  • Monitors any application
  • Monitors Perfmon counters
  • Extensible monitoring
  • Fetch status as XML
  • Real-time dashboard
  • Alerts by email or pager
  • Saves history to CSV files
  • Saves history to databases
  • Extensible alerts
  • Web services API
  • No agents needed!
  • Optional user-level security
  • Fix problems before your users call
    Too many people find out about systems issues from their users and customers. Webob obsessively keeps track of your applications, helping you deliver the uptime your users demand and deserve.

    Webob tells you about issues quickly with proactive alerting. It allows you to monitor trends with a real-time dashboard and comprehensive outage history. And it works for all your disparate systems, all under one umbrella.

    Monitor anything ... no really, anything!
    If it has a URL or you can write a script to see it (you pick the scripting language), Webob can monitor it. Forget about jumping from tool to tool trying to keep tabs on your systems – Webob will happily watch over them all. Sophisticated alerting rules make it easy to identify exactly what is going on and direct key information to the experts who can help.

    React to issues now, then find the root cause
    When your application is down, you need to fix it fast. Webob can alert you quickly with a detailed description of the problem – it can even restart services or take other action on your behalf. Even better, Webob can help you track down what led to failures, so you can go back and fix them for good.

    Easy to get started, extensible over time
    Webob is so simple, you'll be up and running in less than fifteen minutes. But as your needs grow, Webob will grow with you. Custom monitoring and action scripts can be written in any language, and our XML-based status format integrates seamlessly into your existing enterprise tools and portals.

    Download and evaluate Webob for free!

    Learn more by reading our online documentation, checking out our demonstration portal, or stepping through the QuickStart Tutorial.

    Licensing Options
    Evaluation: Free!
    Each Webob Server: $799
    Purchase a license now

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